Smart Parents Use Smart Baby Monitors

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Here is a health tip of the day for new parents — after you’ve stocked up on diapers, bottles, and clothes, don’t forget about the latest health tech products. Smart baby monitors are really changing the way that parents can keep an eye on their kids, even if they’re in a different room of the house. Some of the latest smart monitoring devices can let a parent enjoy more restful sleep, without the nagging feeling that they should go check on their new baby, just one more time! To reduce some of your new parenting stress, and to monitor the health of your baby, you might find that one of the following monitors is perfect.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor

The Withings monitor is currently setting the standard for baby monitoring with a standalone device. Although new monitors, like the Mimo, monitor babies much like fitness bracelets can for adults, the wearable tech currently lacks the video feature that makes the Withings such a popular option. The video capabilities of this baby monitor allows parents to pan, tilt, and zoom with their smartphone to monitor the baby’s surroundings. The Withings monitor doesn’t just provide video, it also allows for two-way audio, temperature, motion, and humidity monitoring.

Medisana Smart Baby Monitor

Medisana’s monitor has fewer features, and focuses on the video monitoring that so many parents find valuable when they are in another room of the house, outside, or out for a date night. WiFi and LAN connectivity send video to a computer or mobile device, solving the problem that earlier baby monitors had, where being out of range meant being out of luck. Like the Withings monitor, the Medisana monitor uses pan, tilt, and zoom technology to allow parents to see above and beyond the baby’s immediate location.

If the only thing that the parents need is to be able to pull out their smartphone and see whether their child is asleep or awake, then the Medisana monitor should be sufficient. For the parents who want to make sure that the temperature in the room is optimal, who want to talk to their child even if they’re out of the house, and who want to be alerted when certain noise, motion, or humidity thresholds are reached, then the Withings is the better option. The monitors that are available today are varied enough that some devices fit one parenting method better than others. Choosing the best baby monitor is not so much a matter of choosing between brands, but choosing a monitor based on what you need as a parent to feel satisfied in your baby’s safety and comfort. For more information see this:

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