The Benefits of Political Marketing

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Political marketing, or el marketing politico, is one of the most important and influential ways of influencing the election of a politician. The political marketing industry has changed over the years, and there are even political marketing firms that can help politicians with all aspects of political marketing.

Since the 1960 election between Kennedy and Nixon, political campaigns have been closely linked to strategic marketing plans. In that election, because of how Kennedy was marketed and portrayed as charismatic, endearing and attractive, he was elected over the bumbling, sweaty Richard Nixon.

Though the political marketing industry has changed dramatically since 1960, the idea remains the same: entice the public to a politician. This is often achieved through social media sites, television commercials, telemarketing, and a bevy of other services as well. Many political communication strategies are also used not only to get candidates elected, but to garner support for new laws and legislation from the public.

When it comes to social media, however, el marketing politico becomes much easier. Political training and seminars can help turn likes and other interactions into more measurable results like campaign donations, volunteers, and votes. In addition, according to a manager of public policy at Facebook, the sites users are most likely to engage with a political ad between 9 pm and 10 pm.

Over half of all Americans who go online say they have found it easier to connect with those who share their political views on the internet than in person. At the end of the day, the political marketing industry is incredibly important, and the internet is the medium through which a large portion of political marketing is conducted.

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