Packaging Companies are Vital for the Success of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Clinical label design and print

In February of 1947, Enock Ancker received a patent for a product he simply called the “tablet container and dispenser.” It was meant for the storage and distribution of medical pills so that they could easily be removed one at a time. Over the last six decades or so, a number of different inventors have modified and tweaked the design and more uses have been discovered. Today, the products are known as blister packaging and they play a significant role in the pharmaceutical industry. Reliable packaging services will be able to provide a high volume of blister packages so that pharmaceutical companies are able to meet the demands of consumers.

For the most part, the main material used for blister packaging is polyvinyl chloride, which is more commonly known as PVC. It is a popular choice because of the ease of thermoforming, which allows the creation of a number of different shapes and styles, and the fact that it is relatively inexpensive. That combination makes it a top choice for the companies who provide packaging services to major pharmaceutical businesses.

The main aspect of every blister package, regardless of specific use, is the cavity or pocket that is made by the formable web. Because of the way it is constructed, it helps to make sure that a pill or other item is not damaged during either transport or storage. They tend to be clear so that people can easily see how many doses they have left, but without the pocket, items are more likely to break.

Many pharma packaging companies will also offer carded blister packaging to help support marketing and advertising campaigns. They allow both pharmaceutical manufacturers and retailers to include promotional materials with the items that they sell. For instance, a drug store could include a coupon that encourages a customer to come back another time when they need medications to get healthy. As a result, they are a great tool for all most every business in the pharmaceutical industry.

Of course, blister packaging is hardly the only option that the companies who provide packaging services have to offer. In addition, they could provide bottles, pouches, and other types of cartons that all have their own designs and functions. Every pharmaceutical company has different needs and goals, and the somewhat primitive design that Ancker developed years ago isn’t always the best choice. Fortunately, dependable packaging companies offer a wide range of products that help businesses meet their goals and consumers stay healthy.

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