The Helpful Benefits of Doggie Day Care

Pet day care

Did you know that dogs smell approximately 1,000 times better than humans? In fact, dogs can detect most odors at concentrations of parts per trillion, and some can even sniff out breast, skin, bladder, lung, and prostate cancer. Many dog owners take great pride in their dogs, and about 33% display framed pictures of their dogs in their homes. Some owners even care for their dogs so much that they send them to doggie day care. Dog day care facilities are short-term kennel services, and they are beneficial in a variety of ways.

Although the first dog day care opened in 1987 in New York City, it was not until the 1990s that pet day care began to gain widespread popularity. In fact, the largest dog day care facility is located in London, England, and it operates on 540 acres of land. Doggie day care is a combination of pet sitting and dog boarding kennels, so it is able to offer many services. As a result, dog day care is both fun and safe for dogs.

Dog day care can operate in several different environments. Some dog day care centers, for example, provide a cage-free environment where dogs can roam in fenced-in areas outside and play with other dogs under the supervision of staff members, while other facilities utilize indoor environments where dogs are placed in their own individual cages. No matter which type of environment you choose, though, dog day care centers provide dogs with the care and attention they need to remain happy and healthy.

Dogs are unique animals that can smell fear, anxiety, and sadness, and owners take great pride in their dogs. Many owners even bring their dogs to doggie day care, which is a short-term kennel service that operates in different environments and provides safety, fun, and care for dogs. As a result, there are several benefits of sending your dog to doggie day care. More.

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