Reasons for Confined Space Training

Lock out tag out kits

Lock out tag out programs and confined space programs are designed to train employees that work with hazardous energy to deal with emergency situations. OSHA lockout tagout training procedures are in place because workers servicing or maintaining machines or equipment may be seriously injured or killed if hazardous energy is not controlled the way it should be. Injuries that result from this failure during this work can be serious or often times fatal.

Energy sources including electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal and other sources in the machines and equipment can be hazardous to workers; proper confined space training and using lock out tag out kits can make the difference in life or death in these situations.
The lockout tagout training and confined space training can prevent these injuries from happening.
Injuries that failure to follow the lock out tag out procedure can result in injuries that include but are not limited to, electrocution, burns, crushing, cutting, lacerating, amputating or fracturing body parts, and even death.

These procedures are in place for a reason and need to be followed according to OSHA guidelines. You will learn in confined space training, and other training programs, that in the United States there are different locks selected by the color, shape, or size and used to designate a standard safety device locking and securing hazardous energy. For example, a red lock used to define danger.

Confined space training and lock out procedures are used for the welfare and safety of workers, this is something that should never be shrugged off or short changed when training. It could be the difference in life and death for many.

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