Consider metal garages

Garage buildings

It has been many years since the first RV, a chauffer driven Pierce Arrow model “Touring Landau”, featuring a bed, a chamber pot toilet, and an intercom system, was built in 1910. It has been even longer since the earliest known piece of steel was made, about 4,000 years ago in Anatolia. These days, steel is everywhere. One popular usage these days for steel is to make metal garages that people can build using metal carport kits to house their RVs, boats, automobiles, and more.

The term “carport” was coined by an architect named Frank Lloyd Wright, who told a client of his, “A car is not a horse; it does not need a barn.” Since then, metal carports and garage buildings have become a more and more popular option for people who need storage for their vehicles. You might think that metal garages and car ports are not necessary to house your RV, boat, or automobile because they are design for use in the great outdoors, but leaving your vehicles out in the sun subjects them to the elements and from the sun’s UV rays, which can do significant damage that reduces their lifespans as well as their resale value. RV storage is a problem for many owners of RVs, who may not have adequate protection for their RV available on their property. However, metal garages can be a perfect solution for those people. More research here:

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