On your next holiday, stay in a riad

Holiday in a converted train carriage

If you are looking for ideas about a big house to rent, a holiday cottage with hot tubs available, or quirky places to stay on your next vacation, you should consider a stay in a riad, a holiday in a tipi, or a holiday in a yurt. Ecolodges are vacation accommodations located in natural areas, or in rural areas within a short distance to natural areas, and not significantly impacted by local townsites, noise, traffic, smog, or other types of pollution.

In modern language, a cottage is most usually a cozy, small dwelling that you would typically find in a rural or semi rural area, although the term “cottage” did originally refer to the dwelling of a cottager, which was a term for a person who ranked below a serf in the medieval social hierarchy of a manor. If this sounds like a comfortable vacation home for you, you should definitely consider a stay in a riad.

There are some fantastic places that you can stay in a riad in Europe. For instance, in 2012, almost 800,000 people visited the Isle of Wight, and passenger traffic at Portugal’s major airports climbed to over 3 million in July of 2011.

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