Webtreepro helps franchise websites

Brand management

Franchises have two main responsibilities. Franchises have to maintain the flow of business on a daily basis, as well as maintain control over their brands on the franchise websites. Webtreepro can help franchises keep control of the brand, while at the same time, implementing their own individual ideas on the franchise websites.

Webtreepro is a website development company that assists franchises with brand management on their franchise websites using a specific content management system (CMS). Webtreepro’s content management system takes a single franchise website from a group of franchise websites and formats it so content from just that site alone can be published to many sites within seconds. Other website development companies use the opposite type of control management system. Other companies use the “many to one” CMS. This is where many companies contribute information to one site.

A “one to many” website content management system provides franchise websites with an easy to use interface. Also, having the ability to manage content across many sites allows companies to schedule future content and blend local and global content on both the franchise websites and across the entire network. It might seem that a system such as Webtreepro would be expensive, considering the services that it provides. However, it is priced right so companies know that their franchise websites will be able to remain on par with their competitors in terms of branding. Who knows? With franchise websites ability to put a personal touch on the sites thanks Webtreepro and their CMS, they may even be able to surpass their competitors.

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