Booking a Niagara Falls Tour With Bedore

Niagara falls trip

For a sterling record of excellent customer service while viewing one of the great natural wonders of the world, the Niagara Falls bus tours offered by Bedore since 1950 offers a history of satisfaction that is rather hard to beat! Gordon Bedore, the founder of the company, would personally take his guests on their Niagara falls tours himself, offering a level of friendliness and local information that resulted in the perennial popularity of his company. Today, the Niagara tours offered by Bedore are undertaken in one of the stellar, well maintained vehicles under the company banner. Indeed, your Niagara Falls tour in one of these lovely and well appointed vehicles is sure to be one filled with wonder, information, and friendly faces.

It should be noted that while John O’Hear purchased Bedore Tours back in 1988, the personal touch that made the company great has been maintained in the decades since. People are happy to book a Niagara tour with Bedore year after year, and the company takes pride in its high level of customer satisfaction. Indeed, a Niagara tour with Bedore is sure to be one to remember!

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