Fall’s Coming! Take Yourself On These Summer Adventures Before The Season’s Over

Summer is almost over, but there’s still time to get in some serious summer adventures before the warm weather’s gone. Granted, there are a lot of activities you can take part in during the fall and winter months, but there’s nothing quite like the summer sun.

That said, here are a few adventures to take yourself on before fall’s cloudy days and rainy nights take over.

Explore the ocean floor with scuba diving

Scuba diving is an incredible experience every time you do it because no dive is ever the same even if you’re diving in the same spot every year. Each time you explore the ocean floor, you’ll see new creatures and discover new areas you hadn’t noticed before.

Scuba diving is also a great way to get away from the noise of the world around you in a way going to the beach can’t.

Just be sure that you’re following the rules when you take to the water. Divers in Florida can face a non-criminal violation and a $50 fine for not properly following dive flag laws according to Florida State Statute 327.73.

Try your hand at paddle boarding

We get it. Surfing isn’t everyone’s cup of Jamba Juice. Why not giving paddle boarding for beginners a try instead?

Paddle boarding is like the relaxed version of surfing where you rely on a paddle and your muscles to propel yourself forward. What’s more, you get just a good a workout in as you would riding the waves.

Try foods you haven’t eaten before

This may not be quite a sports adventure, but it’s an adventure all the same. Some foods go out of season once fall starts to creep closer. If you haven’t had the chance to try some summer-fresh cuisine, give it a go and try something new.

Seafood, in particular, is a big thing during the summer. Try out some dishes that aren’t your regular crab, clams, and lobster. Just be sure to avoid the shellfish if you’re allergic.

Where can I get scuba gear and other sporting goods near me?

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