Are You Taking Advantage of Urgent Care Services in Your Area?

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One of the biggest innovations in the medical community in the past few decades have been medical urgent care centers. According to a recent survey, There are an estimated 7,164 urgent care centers located in the United States. Unlike the average emergency room services, medical urgent care centers offer quicker and often cheaper service for life’s less threatening illnesses and emergencies. If you are lucky enough to live near an urgent care facility, here are a few reasons that you should think about visiting one next time you have an issue and your doctor’s office is closed.

According to a recently released study, an estimated 35 percent of emergency room visits in the United States could have been resolved faster, and more affordably at an urgent care center. One of the main reasons for this rather astounding number is the fact that urgent care centers do not need to worry about serious emergencies. One of the factors that must be considered when looking into the amount of time an emergency room visit takes is the catastrophic accidents that will often take precedence over flu symptoms or a simple break.

Though a lot of people might think that some of the urgent care centers in the Untied States are not run by doctors, that is not in fact that case. In fact, an estimated 20,000 doctors in the United States practice Urgent Care Medicine. No only will you have access to first rate service at an urgent care center in your area, but you will also be able to

Urgent care facilities provide immediate healthcare for non-life-threatening ailments. This means that if you need antibiotics for the flu, you have broken a wrist bone, or your child has the chicken pox, visiting an urgent care facility when you doctor’s office might not be open is a great option. This is particularly true if you are under insured and can not afford to visit a doctor. Several Managed Care Operations encourage patients to visit Urgent Care Centers for non life threatening illnesses and discomfort. Find out more here.

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