How White Label SEO Can Boost Your Business


You’re a small, web-based company that provides social media management for your clients. That’s a good gig to be riding out right now, but soon, you’ll realize you can only go so far in that particular line of work. In fact, social media is a great place to start in the internet marketing world, but it certainly can’t carry your entire business forever.

That’s why plenty of small businesses have added SEO reseller programs to their already bustling service offerings. As an SEO reseller, you’d do more work for your clients, but this time, it’d be in the SEO (search engine optimization) vein. In fact, you wouldn’t have to do much extra work yourself — you’d outsource the actual content creation to a third-party, then resell it to your client for a profit.

But just like you can’t rely on social media engagement alone, you can’t allow your SEO reseller program to be your single saving grace, either. In fact, the goal is for you to build up new business by diversifying your brand. Now, a valid question concerns the very idea of brand awareness: If I’m merely the reseller, won’t the wholesaler get all the credit for the SEO creation?

The answer, luckily, is not necessarily. Certain companies, if they’re still relatively small but consistently growing, will likely have to disclose the source of their SEO content. Other companies, however, can diversify their plans by participating in white label SEO, which allows them to resell that outsourced to their clients under their own brand name. In other words, you don’t have to mention the third party anyway — and an advantage like that means plenty of diversification for your brand.

The best SEO reseller programs are those that focus on these white label services in order to create a more visible brand. In other words, just like SEO itself can help companies land a bigger reach on the web, so, too, can reselling allow for a bigger boost in your brand’s visibility. You’d go from a small, social media provider to a medium-sized nearly full-service online marketing firm just like that. Isn’t that everything you’ve been working toward?

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