Include Hummus in Your Upcoming Meals

Recipes with hummus

Though hummus initially came from Middle Eastern nations such as Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Yemen, and Syria, the food has become increasing popular elsewhere too, including the United States. Hummus dips are typically served with vegetables such as peppers, carrots, and celery, as well as pita. That being said, there are hummus spread recipes that can be used on sandwiches.

In addition to being delicious, hummus does have multiple nutritional benefits. A single serving of it has 1% of the daily value of necessary potassium, calcium, vitamin B6, and riboflavin, respectively. When it comes to tahini hummus dip specifically, the chickpeas that are a mainstay in hummus provide dietary fiber and protein, while the sesame seeds in tahini contains an amino acid called methionine.

Interestingly, the largest container of hummus ever made used two tons of tahini, eight tons of chick peas that had been boiled, 154 pounds of olive oil, and two tons worth of lemon juice, as documented by the Guinness Book of Records. When it comes to hummus that you can find in the grocery store, there are now many different varieties from which you can choose.

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