Be the Most Organized Freshman On Campus

Dorm room supplies

College dorm rooms are usually no larger than your average walk in closet. Well, maybe they are slightly bigger, but not by much. In that space, a dresser, a mirror, a desk, and a bed are crammed together to create only enough space for you to shimmy your way around the room sideways. If you are lucky, you might get into a suite with a few others, but for the majority of single and double dorm rooms, there is zero space to make any extra movements. So, storage and maximizing the space that you do have is crucial.

Purchasing chair organizer pockets can be a great way to store extra items that might not fit anywhere else. Chair pockets, usually made of flame-retardant fabric, typically hold academic dorm room supplies like pencils, notebooks, and textbooks. They either come with one large pocket that stretches to fit a number of items at once, or you can buy ones that have multiple compartments for a laptop, a water bottle, a calculator, and writing implements among other things. The best part about these chair organizer pockets is that they are easily transportable, so you can take them in your backpack to any classroom setting. Once you slide the pocketed fabric onto your chair, you can take all the supplies you need for that particular class out of your backpack, and organize them in the chair pocket.

Chair pockets, also known as seat sacks, offer a fast, efficient way to organize your belongings in class, and in your dorm room. You will never have to dig around for a pen or pencil in the black hole that is your backpack; pens and pencils just seem disappear for some reason, right? With a seat sack, you have a sure-fire way to locate something to write with as soon as you put your hand in a pocket. The advantages of having these super organizers are pretty clear, so do not hesitate to buy a chair pocket before you head off to college to save yourself space and time. Read more here.

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