About the Different Cosmetic Dental Solutions

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Americans pretty much unanimously agree that healthy, attractive looking teeth are an incredibly important social asset. As such, people with dental problems often want to learn about cosmetic dentistry or aesthetic dentistry and find out about the solutions available to deal with ugly looking teeth.

The most common reason for tooth loss is periodontal disease, although there are a bevy of reasons people might need cosmetic dental surgery or other aesthetic dental work. Interestingly, dental implants are quickly becoming the preferred alternative to dentures.

Over 100 million people aged 35 to 44 are missing anywhere from 11 to 15 of their natural teeth. When you lose your natural teeth, the only options are to either deal with it or see a cosmetic dental clinic and get some sort of cosmetic dental work done. Often that means paying the cost of dental veneers or dental implants.

In 2006, roughly 600,000 people in America had dental veneers. Often, the variable which helps people decide between implants or veneers deals with the cost, and the cost of dental veneers is typically less than the cost of dental implants, because of the severity of the operation.

When someone gets dental implants, a titanium based false tooth or set of teeth are embedded into the jaw. The jawbone then heals around the implant, rooting it into place. Dental implants are extremely effective, as with proper care they can last a lifetime. However, the healing process can take anywhere from 8 to 16 weeks, so those interested in dental implants should do their research and plan for healing time.

At the end of the day, cosmetic dental solutions benefit many people, as most people appreciate the importance of having attractive looking teeth. With that said, if you are concerned about the appearance of your oral cavity, the first thing you should do is see a dentist or a cosmetic dentist and talk about the possible solutions.
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