What Information Should You Include on Your Pet’s Tags?

Pet dog tags

So many Americans revere their pets. In fact, they spend $5 billion on them ever year, and why shouldn’t they? Our pets make our lives so much better, and happier. Why, 94% of pet owners say that their pets make them smile at least once a day, if not more.

So what happens if and when your pet, this beloved member of the family, gets lost?

This is why it’s important to have pet ID tags securely around your pets’ neck
. On these custom pet tags, you can put the pet’s name, owner’s phone number(s), address, or a QR code that points to an online profile for the pet, a reward offer, and a list of the animal’s critical medical problems.

Obviously, the name, address and phone numbers are absolutely imperative to include on the cheap pet tags so as to increase the chances of their being returned. If not, then it’s likely that whoever finds them will either take the pet in themselves, bring it to an animal shelter, or may even call animal control services. By putting the contact info on the cheap pet tags, you enable the finder to reach you as soon as possible, and return your best friend to the safe, loving home in which they belong.

It’s also important to include any medical problems, and vaccinations proof on their cheap pet tags to alert the finder that the pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date. In fact, some states like Massachusetts require proof of vaccination to be worn on cheap pet tags by law.

If your pet already has tags, then you should know that it’s important to keep these updated. A clear occasion to do so would be a change in the contact information, but as previously mentioned, it’s important to include the most recent vaccination dates, too.

There are a number of ways to get cheap pet tags, and even more reasons why they’re important. If you have any questions about what information to include on the cheap pet tags, feel free to ask in the comments.

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