Trust Your Locks to the Professional Rekeyers

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Are you curious to know a few secrets of the locksmith trade? What is it about Boca Raton locksmiths that make them so good at picking locks, or opening doors? If you’ve ever wondered how it is that a Boca Raton locksmith has come to be known as the ultimate gatekeeper, the pro at rekeying, keep reading to learn a few secrets of the business.

For starters, you should always do a little research on the rekeying expert you are looking to hire. This is a touchy subject wherein there is a fine line between breaking and entering and performing legal work. Some locksmiths are scam artists. A lot will convince the lock owner that the lock is somehow tricky or special, requiring drills to gain entry. Then the bill starts to rise. Be sure you know ahead of time if the kind of lock you need opening is something this locksmith Margate FL can truly open, without unnecessary drilling. It’s never a good time to get locked out, especially of your car at 2 a.m. Be aware that the locksmith is more likely to charge double the cost to unlock you car, say $120, instead of the $60 service during daylight hours.

Your rekeying expert may remark that your locks are weak. Be advised that any lock graded under 2 is probably mass produced and super easy to pick or open. A rekeying expert will tell you that the best locks are dead bolts that have been properly installed. They should come with a security plate and at least have two to three inches that go into the door’s frame.

Another secret a locksmith will remind homeowners of is any turn or twist dead bolts are easy to manipulate if they are next to a glass window. Those who really want to gain entry will break the glass and turn the lock. Instead, it is recommended that the homeowner use a cylinder lock that requires the use of a key on the inside. Many keys can be duplicated even if they specifically say they cannot. If you really want protection, discuss with your locksmith which keys really cannot be replicated.

Don’t believe anyone at a hardware store or otherwise that says they are the only ones who can make copies. A car locksmith can usually make keys, and for a lot cheaper. Lockouts can be problematic, especially those that regard a divorce. Anyone who has locked the other one out may have gone as far as getting the locks changed. If that’s the case, call a rekeying expert to get back inside unless the court has issued a restraining order. If so, no locksmith anywhere wants to get involved in that situation.

Those who may have forgotten to try the lock before calling the locksmith will still get charged for the service call. Lastly, if the key won’t turn the lock try some silicone spray before calling the residential locksmith. Sometimes the inside of the lock gets dirty or things jam. Occasionally spray will loosen things up enough that you can open the lock. So when you’re in a jam and you need a lock opened or a key made, call a locksmith rekeying professional and let the experts open the door for you.
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