Learn Your Exact Military Moving Allowance

Military mover

A military DITY move is a moving option that active duty soldiers can consider whenever they are ordered to move to a new base or station. Part of a Do-It-Yourself move that active duty soldiers can take advantage of is a military moving allowance. Because of the fact that moving is the third most stress-inducing event in life (following divorce and death), most people serving in the military will no doubt appreciate a chance to lessen the burden on themselves.

With this program and its military moving allowance, service members will be eligible to receive a reimbursement up to 100% of the GCC (Government Constructive Cost) if they end up hiring their own movers. They can also receive an incentive payment of 95% of the GCC if they end up moving their property on their own.

While DITY moves (also referred to as personally
procured moves) typically allow the service member and their family to stay in control of the entire moving process, they are typically not recommended for overseas moves. When someone is ordered to move overseas, they will be faced with more details than a move within the United States would bring.

While the DITY military moving allowance may sound enticing enough, soldiers will undoubtedly enjoy the fact that this program can also be used in conjunction with others. For instance, a soldier preparing to move could ship some of their household items on a GLB (Government Bill of Lading) while the balance, up to the permitted weight allowance, could be taken care of with the Do-It-Yourself moving program.

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