Use the Harvest for Fall Festival Food Ideas

How do you grow corn

The autumn season is upon us and we are ready to enjoy the cooler weather and especially the bountiful harvests of the summer season. Many of us are also looking for fall festival food ideas.

Many communities host fall festivals to bring the community together to celebrate the changing of the seasons. These fall festivals often include a pumpkin patch were you can pick your own pumpkins to decorate your home or include in fall festival food ideas. Did you know that the first Jack O Lantern associated with Halloween festivities was seen in 1866?

There are other great activities and fall festival food ideas that you can enjoy. For instance, many fall festivals include corn mazes, hay rides and other activities that represent the autumn. Corn mazes are especially fun for the younger set where they may even get information about how to grow corn in a garden for those fall festival food ideas. Corn mazes can be fun and entertaining for the whole family.

Going back to those pumpkins, many fall festival food ideas include using this lovely garden vegetable. You can create the traditional pumpkin pie or even pumpkin soup to enhance your fall festival food ideas offerings. Then there are those tasty pumpkin seeds that can be roasted and salted to accentuate those other fall festival food ideas.

You may even include pumpkins and corn into fall festival ideas for school. You might want to present courses on how to grow giant pumpkins from seeds or how do you grow corn. You can also help students with fall festival food ideas that they can create at home. Give them recipes that will use corn and pumpkins for fall festival food ideas.

Consider holding a pumpkin carving contest. This is one way that the kids can get their hands dirty and gooey, as well as letting their creative sides shine. You should make sure that the younger set is supervised when cutting those pumpkins.

Fall festival food ideas can also include making those lovely apple pies or other fall fruit offerings. Your festival may even consider having a pie eating contest as one of your fall festival food ideas.
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