Make Your Next Military Move Work for You

Army military dity move calculator

A DITY military move (DITY standing for Do It Yourself) is an entirely voluntary program that allows members of the United States military that need to relocate to be reimbursed by the Federal Government if they choose to move their belongings on their own. There are several things that can make the military move option simpler and more affordable, including the use of a Dity move calculator, checklist and low rates. There are several things that people should know about before deciding on this particular military moving option.

Under Dity move regulations, service members are eligible to receive as much as a 100% reimbursement of the GCC (Government Constructive Cost) if they choose to hire their own movers. In the instance that they move their property completely on their own, they will then be eligible to receive an incentive paymenht of 95% of the GCC.

There are a number of expenses that are reimbursed during a normal Dity military move. These include the cost of packing materials, packing pads, gasoline, oil, tolls for a rental vehicle and the cost of renting furniture pads, trucks, hand trucks and trailers. Once the move has been completed, the military member and their family will have a total of 45 days to submit their claim for full payment of their DIY allowance.

This extraordinary program has only become more popular as time has gone on. Every single year, roughly 225,000 U.S. Coast Guard and Department of Defense household good shipments are moved within the summer months alone. Those who want to handle their own belongings and move on their own schedule will no doubt enjoy all of the advantages that this kind of program has to offer.

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