City Travel Can Be a Great Way to Discover New American Destinations

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As technology has progressed and it has become easier to travel in America, it has also become less expensive to venture outside of your town to experience what new places have to offer. In fact, in 2008 about 42% of the U.S. population traveled by plane for the sake of vacation or entertainment.

Today, city travels within the country can be a great option, whether you’re a college student travelling and looking to broaden your experiences, or you’re partaking in one of the multi city travel packages that are available. The latter approach offers you the convenience of visiting more than one desired destination within the span of one trip. You may be able to save money on expenses in this way as well, as opposed to traveling to each new city on separate occasions.

But what are the specific benefits of city travel? Because of the large variety of places to go and activities to do in close proximity to one another, a trip to the city can be very accessible, allowing you to save money that might have otherwise been spent traveling great distances to beaches and other areas that do not offer the same atmosphere of excitement and possibility.

The American tourism industry had about 7.3 million workers in its employ in 2004. With the popularity of city travels, the need for these employees shows no signs of diminishing. And with a country this large, there will always be a new city to discover with different attractions and distinctive qualities all its own, making it a place worth visiting. Share your questions, comments, and tips in the forum below.


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  1. If your vacation time allows, it may make sense to visit cities like New York, Philadelphia, Washington, and Baltimore in one trip.

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