White Label Email Marketing

White label email

Most companies have websites and do a good portion of their business online. It is important to be able to keep up with current online marketing trends and practices. Many companies are using technology in ways that are effective for boosting sales. One good example is white label email marketing.

When products are manufactured to sell to distributers with the intent that the distributers will put their own brand name on it, it is called white label marketing. The product is called white label, as in having a blank label versus having the label of the manufacturer. Many companies are bringing more customers to their websites by hiring white label email marketing companies, or by using white label email marketing software.

The concept of white label marketing is not new, it has just been applied to the internet. Traditionally, stores have been using white label marketing for many years. When a retailer sells products under a store name it is usually an example of white label marketing. National brand names often distribute their products to retailers and the products are sold with the label of the retailer and not the manufacturer.

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