How Disability No Longer Exists in the 21st Century

Stairway lift chairs

Do you know someone who struggles to get around because of their disability? The importance of mobility power chair lifts becomes easy to see once you have witnessed a loved one struggle daily with their wheel chair. A vertical wheelchair platform lift, however, can make all the difference.

King Henry VIII was seriously injured while jousting. He used what may have been the very first vertical wheelchair platform lift in existence. Henry had servants haul his chair up and down stairs on a block and tackle system at the historic Whitehall Palace in London, England. Thankfully for all of us not in wheelchairs, chair lifts for stairs today run on electricity or rechargeable battery power, using direct current.

The first prototype for electric chairlifts was built by self taught engineer, C.C. Crispen. He built the electric vertical wheelchair platform lift in order to help an ailing friend, so his life would be easier to manage.

Ramps were a wonderful addition to our homes and urban centers. They have allowed wheelchair users, as well as people pushing strollers or carts, to access buildings with much more ease. Since the ramp proved to be so helpful, there have been an abundance of innovation in similar technologies.

Today one can purchase a vertical wheelchair platform lift to be installed onto a truck or van. This advent has enabled people bound to wheelchairs the ability to drive and operate heavy machinery.

The term disabled should really become one of the past. Thanks to all of the inventions we have at our disposal today, such as the vertical wheelchair platform lift, disability no longer exists.

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