Are You a Fan of Shark Week? Here are Five interesting Facts About Deep Sea Fish

Tarpon fishing tips

If you like to fish, then you might also be the kind of person who might think about sport fishing charters, marlin fishing charters, or maybe even a san diego fishing charter. If you think that you might find yourself going on a fishing trip in the near future, then here are a few fishing facts to get you prepared.

1. Did you know that fish are one of the only animals that have the ability to taste without opening their mouths?

2. Though they are not usually one the shortlist for deep sea fishing tips, the lion fish is one of the more interesting fish in the sea. In fact, the lion fish can have up to 18 dorsal fins and it is extremely venomous. Its venom is one of the factors that makes it less than ideal for deep sea fishing.

3. Though this might not be something that you had ever considered, triggerfish and electric eels are more unique than other fish because they can swim backwards. The majority of fish have a body that is built to exclusively propel forward.

4. Blue Marlins got their name because of the fact that they spend the majority of their lives far out at sea. They, like great white sharks and other large deep sea animals that you might come across during sport fishing charters, are highly migratory and will follow warm ocean currents for hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles.

5. Though this is something that you might have learned on Shark Week in the past, did you know that the only fish that have eyelids are sharks? Continue reading here.

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