ISO 27001 Security Standards Are Important to Your Company


ISO 27001 security is part of a family of standards and is a part of the information security management system. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization, ISO 27001 security is a management system whose intent is to bring information security under management control. It also mandates certain requirements. Organizations who say that they meet ISO 27001 security standards can be audited and certified, meaning they can tell their customers that they meet these stringent standards

As part of any ISO 27001 security program, management of a company is required to examine information security risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts. They must also design and implement a full program of security controls and risk abatement procedures. Finally, they must adopt a plan that the ISO 27001 security procedures remain in place to continue to keep the organization secure.

If you want to make sure your company is compliant with ISO 27001 security standards, there are many ISO 27001 training courses that are available. You can even do this ISO training online.

There are other standards that fall under the ISO, or International Organization for Standardization umbrella. For instance, ISO 50001 2011is the Energy Management Standard that was released on June 15, 2011. This ISO was designed to help companies advance their use of energy consuming assets.

Other standards, such as ISO 27001 security, include Senate Bill 303, the California Food Handler Card Law. This law requires certification for employees who store, prepare, or serve food. One of the reasons for this is to eliminate the possibility of salmonella bacteria being passed via food service. This bacteria, named for scientist Dr. Daniel E. Salmon, is known to cause for more than 100 years.

Consumer products are also protected by standards, much like ISO 27001 security standards. In 2009, the Retail Industry Leaders Association, in conjunction with the BRC developed the Global Standard for Consumer Products North America. This set of standards outlines certain standards for consumer products.

Again, if you need ISO 27001 security classes, Iso 50001 training, or even food safety certification, there are many programs and classes available.
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