Are You Considering Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery?

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If you are considering plastic and cosmetic surgery, you may be interested in these facts and figures. In 1961, Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow who were American plastic surgeons, created the first prosthetic breast, in conjunction with the Dow Corning Corporation. About a year later, in 1962, the first breast augmentation mammoplasty was performed. The number of breast augmentation enlargement procedures experienced by has increased throughout the years. In 2011, more than 307,000 women had breast implant augmentation surgeries. In the same year, about 96,000 women received breast implant surgery as part of a plastic and cosmetic surgery reconstruction after a mastectomy. Currently, the average cost of breast enhancement surgery is more than $6,500 USD.

If you are considering plastic and cosmetic surgery, you might be interested to know that that average woman in America owns nine different bras. However, these women usually only wears six of them on a regular basis. This may be due to ill fitting bras, or some other issue.

Many women today are seeking out plastic and cosmetic surgery, as well as information on breast augmentation, and different types of plastic surgery. In addition to information about breast implants, these women may be seeking information about rhinoplasty or nose job procedures. Others may be seeking facelift procedures from plastic surgeons in tampa.

Many of us may be a bit confused about the actual procedures provided by plastic and cosmetic surgery. We do not what these procedures entail, or how long the recovery time will be. We often wonder if there are alternative treatments to actual plastic and cosmetic surgery, such as laser treatments for better looking skin.

If you have questions concerning plastic and cosmetic surgery, you can ask your primary physician for a referral to a cosmetic surgeon. You can then consult this professional and discuss your desires for plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Because this is a big decision, you should try to become as informed as possible about this life changing decision.
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