You May Be Able to Get Reimbursement For Your Military Military DITY move

How to make the most money during a dity move

If you are in the military, your military DITY move will be covered, under the Government Constructive Cost program. This program will reimburse the cost of hiring movers or 95 percent payout if you move on your own. Also, truck rental, cost of packing materials, furniture pads rental, and fuel costs are totally covered by the GCC. You may also want to make a note of what is not covered; such as a tow dolly, transporting your vehicles, insurance fees, sales tax, meals, lodging, and fuel for any additional vehicles on the trip. A military DITY move is very helpful for military families to use when they move over and over again, and it can really give them peace of mind that their expenses will be covered. Military moving can be a stressful situation, but spending a little time with a Dity calculator can help you sort it all out. Before you move, make sure you know what is covered under a military DITY move and what is not.

Every military DITY mover knows that you are going to move over and over again as long as you serve in the military, and that is why they created the military DITY move program; they want to make it as easy on you and your family as possible. When you move with the DITY program, you will receive $25,000 of insurance coverage. This can help cover any loss, damage, or theft of your belongings. That is a very useful tool when you move long distance, because some unexpected events sometimes come up when you move that far of a distance. You should not have to deal with any stress regarding military moving, and the DITY program and your professional moving company will see to it that you do not suffer stress while moving. They will handle all the heavy lifting while you focus on the important things, such as change of address and keeping tabs on your family. It will be a smooth transition, thanks to the DITY program. Moving your family has gotten a lot easier since they started to reimburse family for moving their own belongings across the country, so you should consider taking advantage of the program, and using the military Dity move calculator when you plan your next move. Plan your next military DITY move right away using the calculator, because it could save you a lot of money on your next military move.
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