Increasing Safety at Construction Sites

Crane wire rope

Did you know the discovery of some fossilized samples of 7mm rope dates back to around 15,000 B.C.? As you can see, humans have relied on rope for thousands of years and ropes today are more durable and sophisticated than ropes dating back thousands of years ago. For example, wire ropes made from steel wires are extremely strong and able to withstand an extreme amount of force and weight. Non alloy carbon steel is the typical material used for wire ropes. Some fall protection equipment involves wire ropes made from non alloy carbon steel as well. Fall protection equipment is essential for increasing safety at construction sites.

Companies that undergo construction safety training are taught how to properly use fall arrest equipment. Online and offline courses teach people how to use a fall protection system to its full advantage. You can find fall arrest training programs and fall protection training easily online. The lifting industry is heavily reliant on chain slings to lift heavy items. Lifting slings and other lifting equipment must meet standards set by OSHA and other organizations. It is common to see chain slings in steel mills and foundries because of the rugged demand these industries create. Fall protection equipment saves thousands of lives every year.

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