3 Facts about web applications today

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The ubiquity of web browser and the convenience of utilizing it as thin client, web applications have become popular today. However, despite the growing number of businesses that are now using web applications or web based applications, many, particularly the SMEs or businesses that do not have their own IT department, are still not very familiar with web applications. There are many advantages in using web applications today which can significantly help their businesses realize their short and long term goals. Moreover, regardless of the industry the business belongs, many of these web applications enable the business to be maximize its profitability and significantly improve its efficiency. So if you are among the business owners who are not familiar with web applications, here are three facts about them that you will surely be able to use to improve your business.

First, one of the emerging web applications today are web portals. Web portals are web applications that are designed specifically to serve as gateway between the different services and a specific user or users. For example, using single sign on or secure authentication, web portals today provide access to particular corporate information, either through internal or external access. One of the advantages of web portals is that they are highly customizable. There are many web application development services companies that offer them as custom web applications. For many businesses, web portals are very useful not only because they allow the users to have access to their services or information but because it allows them to connect with them. This is because some portals even offer email services, news, database access and others. Some even have their own search engines.

Second, one of the major reasons for the rise in the popularity and the increase in the multiple web applications that we have today is cloud computing. Though cloud computing, employees can access their files and data online wherever they are. All they need is an internet access. And with the right web application design, they can even access and do their work using their mobile devices, through a well designed mobile app. The good thing about this is that the convenience does not sacrifice for security. Companies will not have to worry about the security of their data and files. They can be quite secure and customizable, for example, allowing specific users only to have access. In fact, there is even a closed based web application, also referred to as line of business application, which cannot be accessed by anybody except the company that uses it.

Third, web applications provide value and great service to the user. One example is the interface. Users and their tasks are the focus of a successful user interface. Web application services create web portals and applications with the right user interface. Users therefore will find the portal very useful and easy to use.

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