Why Concrete Grinding Changes The Rules Of Flooring

Polish concrete floors

Polished concrete has a unique look, one that can be accented through the use of small items such as nails, glass chips, computer board pieces, and aggregate. These pieces are all added into the top layer of the concrete mix before the polish is done, and are an example of what makes concrete grinding stand apart from other flooring solutions. If you have ever wanted to experience what a professional floor could do for your space without the high price tag that marble may bring, then concrete grinding may be the right answer. The small artistic touches and flares, such as additions to the layers, staining, and dying are all easy to implement, clean, and non toxic both when they are installed, and when the floor is recycled.

Commercial polished concrete is a green flooring option that does not require the waxing and buffing that other surfaces need. A regular mopping with soapy water is all that is necessary to keep your floor looking great. Concrete polishing has an aesthetic quality that other surfaces are hard pressed to match for the price, with scoring and patterns that can be set into the surface, along with dyes that can give it a unique look. The costs of commercial concrete polishing and concrete grinding are much lower than what you would pay for other natural stone floors, and maintenance costs are 60 percent less than flooring like vinyl composition tile. Another cost benefit to consider is the long term staying power that concrete grinding brings, as these floors are resistant to damage and cracks thanks to the improved strength of their surface. While oil and paint can leave stains that will last a long time, concrete polishers provide a surface that stands up to stains and stays looking great.

Whether you are a commercial space owner, or you are considering different flooring solutions for a private space, concrete grinding is definitely an option to keep in mind. Contractors can provide you with an estimate for your surfaces, regardless of their shape and size, and give you a break down of your options so that you can fit concrete grinding into your budget. The long term cost benefits of lower maintenance and reduced need for replacement should be considered as well, especially if you are projecting the cost to reward ratio for decades into the future. Polished concrete can, and does, last that long.

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