Polished Concrete is a Great Option for Any Organization In Need of Clean and Dependable New Floors

Polished concrete floor

Since many modern buildings today are built on a concrete slab, using concrete grinding to create commercial polished concrete can be a cost effective and more ecological choice than covering it with another material. In fact, by polishing concrete, floors can be LEED certified up to a platinum level. As a result, concrete grinding is a great option for any organization that wants the best floors for its facility. Though commercial concrete polishing might not result in the prettiest of floors, they are a strong, dependable, and cost efficient option.

Polished concrete floorinng is created by the process of sanding the original pour with ever finer grits of diamond grinders. As a result of concrete grinding techniques, polished concrete eliminates “concrete dusting,” where tiny particles of dust get pushed up towards the surface and forces epoxies off of the surface of the floor, which could result in concrete maintenance. So because concrete grinding is a relatively simple process, concrete polishers are not overly expensive, and polished concrete has a low maintenance cost, it is a great choice for organizations that need reliable flooring in their buildings.

Although concrete grinding is great for schools because it is low maintenance and durable, it is not always the best choice. Because it can cause acoustic issues, concrete grinding should probably not be used in music rooms. And places like hotels and banks that take pride in the aesthetic of their buildings might prefer marble or another material for their floors. However, those who do choose to use concrete grinding will give themselves a sturdy floor that will last for a long time and help them be energy efficient.

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