What a Machine Tool Distributor Offers

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Machine tool manufacturers date back to about 1483 when the first screw cutting lathe was made that mechanically controlled the path of the cutting tool. While a machine tool manufacturer during that time still had to be precise with assemblies, manufacturers today must be extremely precise. Because machining tools contain several parts of various sizes, precision assembly is absolutely necessary to guarantee error free functioning. A machine tool distributor must be sure of the care given by the manufacturer during assembly in order to stand firmly behind its product line.

A machine tool distributor offering products made in the U.S.A. can stand proud and assured that its products, ranging from boring tools to retention knobs and ER collets, are of the utmost quality. Machine tool distributors can always answer questions regarding the products and processes involving the products. Among the trickiest procedures are deep hole drilling and deep hole boring. Both require special tooling and techniques in order to be successful. The machining process of boring is the act of enlarging a previously drilled hole using a single point cutting tool. The reason this process requires extreme precision and care is because it can not be reversed.

When machine tool distributors first started dealing with gun drilling and cannon boring, these techniques were used for making barrels incorporated with firearms and artillery. Today, these same techniques find use in a large array of industries. Tool presetters and tool holders are necessary components in these techniques as well as most others. While a presetter is used to accurately measure each cut made by the machine, a holder is used to hold the attached tool to allow it to work with such accuracy.

Trusting a machine tool distributor that offers products made in the U.S.A. is easy because you know the manufacturers are able to keep a close eye on their operations. This ensures a higher standard of quality and overall better performance by tools as a result. There are many machine tool distributors around the world but the machine tool distributors located in the U.S.A. offer more precise tools and durable parts. There is also the benefit of knowing that the local economy gains more when products are made and purchased locally within the country.

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