Mobile device management is a cost effective means to company security

Device management

In the current business environment, there is an ever growing number of employees using their own mobile devices in the workplace. Juniper research tells us that the number of employee owned mobile devices that will be used in a work capacity will double by the year 2014 reaching roughly 350 million users. That means there are currently approximately 125 million employees using their mobile devices for work related purposes. While this does let employees be more productive while keeping company costs at a minimum, it does present potential security risks. That is why mobile device management systems, in conjunction with security protocols, will unify employee experience across mobile platforms, while providing a secure, streamlined experience.

Right now, there are over 1.2 billion people accessing the web through their mobile devices. A quarter of all American internet users are accessing the internet through their mobile devices. That is not only a big market for retailers and legitimate businesses, but also for hackers and spammers. As the mobile online market grows so too will those illicit elements who prey upon mobile users, and with roughly 125 million of those users also using their mobile devices for work, that can lead to dangerous security breaches. Mobile device management software can counteract that threat and give your company the online safety it needs to operate in today’s marketplace. Mobile device management systems will keep your company’s data secured by only allowing limited access in a limited environment. The Mdm system acts like a shell between company data and anyone who is accessing it. Even in a situation where someone who knows an employees’ password gains access, they will still only be able to access whatever that employee had access to. That severely limits the level of access available to would be hackers out there.

Mobile device management systems will protect your company’s interests, while at the same time creating a shared environment that employees interact with. That means that only one set of instructions are needed to teach employees how to access the company’s data. This will not only greatly increase productivity, but will also keep training costs at a minimum. Mobile device management systems can truly give companies security at reduced cost. Any company with bring your own device usage should seriously consider mobile device management systems for their data sharing, so they can protect themselves, and their clients.


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