How Rochester Events Can Introduce You to the City

Have you just moved to Rochester? Are you exploring things to do in your community? You may want to learn more about events Rochester NY offers. These Rochester NY events range from cultural to shopping to community get togethers. Whatever your tastes, there are surely Rochester NY events to suit them.

One of the biggest Rochester NY events is the International Jazz Festival, a draw to our community from around the world. Less than 20 years old, the International Jazz Festival has drawn major acts from around the world. Wynton Marsalis and Herbie Hancock have both played at the International Jazz Festival, as have B.B. King and Willie Nelson. This and surrounding Rochester NY events give the community much needed press coverage.

Some of the other Rochester NY events include smaller festivals. The Corn Hill arts festival is a chance for local artists to hawk their wares. The Park Avenue festival is a gathering point for street merchants to sell knick knacks, trinkets, and other novelties. Canal Days in Fairport is an extremely large event with arts and crafts, food, and live music.

If you are still looking for things to do in rochester, consider the many parks and beaches in and around the city. Highland Park is the home to many Rochester NY events, including the famous lilac festival. Designed by famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, Highland Park is a delightful place to sit quietly, read a book, or a host of other activities. Nearby is Durand Eastman Park, located on the shore of Lake Ontario. For those truly looking to get away from it all, Mendon Ponds is a park located just thirty minutes outside Rochester.

With so many things to do Rochester offers, there is no excuse to get bored. Rochester NY events are always exciting, engaging, and fun, regardless of tastes. So if you are new or just want to know your community better, Rochester events are a great starting point.

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