Jackson Hole Real Estate Offers Low Taxes and Stunning Beauty

Jackson hole property for sale

Do you want a state with no corporate or personal state income tax, a maximum state sales tax of 6 percent, and friendly business climate? Do you want to live near high net worth individuals like Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock and Dick Cheney? If so, consider Jackson Hole WY real estate, which can add your bottom line around stunning beauty. Jackson Hole WY real estate, such as Moose WY real estate, Moran wy real estate, and Kelly Wyoming real estate, also lets you meet and synergize with other successful entrepreneurs.

In addition to tax advantages of Jackson Hole WY real estate, Jackson Hole is the most prestigious place to live in Wyoming. Seven national parks are in the state, attracting nearly 6 million visitors. Jackson hole luxury homes face several beautiful mountains, including the famous Tetons. Given the wealth there, the average listing price in the largest town, Jackson, is a staggering $2,401,875 on October 24, 2012. With such housing price stability, no wonder two people on the 2012 Forbes list of 400 wealthiest Americans call Jackson home.

So the next time you need premium real estate in a competitive region, consider Jackson hole wy real estate. To learn more, contact Jackson Hole realtors today, and see how they can help you.

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