The Beauty of Investing in an SEO Reseller Program

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In North America, the vast search engine industry is valued at almost $23 billion, according to the latest estimates from SEMPO. Within this industry, there are companies that provide SEO services, marketing and web design companies that resell seo services, and companies that actually utilize Seo programs to benefit their own presences online. Combined, these companies represent this significant number, which will only continue to rise as providers keep proving the worth of this valuable marketing tool.

While businesses that utilize SEO are the ultimate goal for all parties as far as an online presence, SEO resellers stand much to gain as well by investing their time in SEO reseller plans. These companies essentially outsource SEO because they want it for their own businesses and for their clients but they have little knowledge of how best to implement an SEO program. So instead of learning it, which could take up a considerable amount of their time and their resources, these resellers join an SEO reseller program.

As part of a top notch SEO reseller program, these resellers can resell not only SEO but also social media, which is increasingly important for corporate enterprises today. Every day around the world, there are 250 million tweets sent out and 800 million updates made on Facebook. These people are connecting with each other and are on these sites for personal use, but they want more information on products and the services that companies provide where they live too. And with small businesses increasing their social media budgets at four times the rate of those who are decreasing them, all signs are pointing to its continuing relevance for online sales improvements. Companies are decreasing their use of Facebook’s advertising option that uses a pay per click scenario too, with 56 percent in 2012 compared to 74 percent in 2010 and 2011.

Through an SEO reseller program that includes social media, then, a reseller could both offer SEO and social media tools to bolster a company’s presence. Through an SEO reseller program, a reseller also would have all resources that were necessary for reselling right there in the SEO reseller program. They need not waste their time conducting research or knowing that, for instance, there is a big difference between a web directory and a search engine, with the former having categories and subcategories and the latter publishing results of web pages that are developed based on a keyword search.

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