Where To Run Lab Tests Houston Employers Require

Drug free workplace policy

An employer that requires any type of background check houston labs provide should take a look around for the criminal background check services and DOT compliance services that promote a drug free policy. A drug free program can make the difference between being a type of employer that hires one of the 8 percent of all full time American employees that are known to use illegal drugs, and being the type of employer that is not going to tolerate any drug use. Drug use is a very hot topic when it comes to the political atmosphere of America lately, but it must be noted that while personal use of narcotics may or may not be acceptable in private citizen lives, it is never acceptable when you are on the job. People that are under the influence of any type of drug when they are working are more likely to have issues with productivity, as studies show that illicit drug users are about two thirds as productive as their sober counterparts.

Since there are about one in every five teenagers that have admitted to the use of drugs whether in their own house or at the house of a friend, it is important to make sure that your business does not hire one of these teenagers as you try and develop good work and life skills in those teenagers. If you require lab tests Houston has several options for you to choose from. The most reliable lab tests Houston provides come from the labs that have been in business for years. The cost of lab tests Houston employers can expect to pay depend on the nature of the tests. If you need a basic marijuana screen, for example, then the cost of lab tests houston laboratories will charge are probably going to be less expensive than a full toxicology screen.

The companies that have a workplace program to promote sobriety among their employees report that there are fewer issues with absenteeism, fewer accidents, less downtime, lower rates of turnover and fewer incidences of theft. Initiating a drug free program is something you must consider as soon as you start your business. This is why it helps to find a provider of lab tests Houston has available as soon as you get started. You can set up ongoing lab tests Houston experts provide and promote the hiring of drug free employees from day one.

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