Know What Oil You Need

Api engine oil standards

Did you know that all internal combustion engines use motor oil to work properly? Not just regular vehicles such as cars, trucks and buses but any internal combustion engine ran machine including motorcycles, go karts, snowmobiles, tractors, boats, airplanes, construction equipment and some generators run on motor oil. Are you using the right oil? Worldwide 3.7 billion gallons of motor oil was used in 2009. Of those 3.7 billion gallons, 1.3 billion gallons of that use is done by Americans every year.

The best oil change places use the numerical grading system based on viscosity characteristics that was developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers and sticks to the strict standards set by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

When looking for the best motor oil for your car make sure that they meet API standards, have Api oil ratings and have the API “Donut” and “Starburst” logos on it. The best oil change places in America have the Motor Oil Matters (MOM) mark showing that they follow API motor oil standards.

Motor Oil Matters works to ensure your engine system emissions function at peak performance and that you are aware of the basics when caring for your engine. A dipstick is an instrument used to measure the quantity of liquid in a space that is difficult to reach. By inserting and then removing the dipstick you can check to see how much oil you possibly have in your car. This is a great way to determine if you are in need of oil or an oil change.

The API and MOM are working together to ensure that the best oil change places are certified to meet safety and quality standards that give drivers the best quality and safest oil for their money.

Look for the API and MOM marks the next time you go to one of the best oil change places or go to buy motor oil and have peace of mind knowing that it has met standards for safety and quality.

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